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Please call 1-800-471-8848 for information or to book
<<>>February 2016
BB01: Sam's RoomXXXXXXXX                     
BB02: Patti's RoomXXXXXXXX                     
BB03: Mary's RoomXXXXXXXX                     
BB04: Billy's RoomXXXXXXXX                     
BB05: Jane's RoomXXXXXXXX                     
BB06: Katie's RoomXXXXXXXX                     
BB07: Jeff's RoomXXXXXXXX                     
BB08: Lake RoomXXXXXXXX                     
BB09: Ginny's RoomXXXXXXXX                     
BB10: Harbor RoomXXXXXXXX                     
BB11: Lighthouse SuiteXXXXXXXX                     
CV01: Shell CastleXXXXXXXX                     
CV02: JuniperXXXXXXXX                     
CV04: Sea ShellXXXXXXXX                     
CV05: PortsmouthXXXXXXXX                     
CV06: Scotch BonnetXXXXXXXX                     
CV07: North PointXXXXXXXX                     
CV08: Crow's NestXXXXXXXX                     
CV09: Net HouseXXXXXXXX                     
CV1A: Shell Castle AXXXXXXXX                     
CV1B: Shell Castle BXXXXXXXX                     
CV2A: Juniper AXXXXXXXX                     
CV2B: Juniper BXXXXXXXX                     
CV3A: South PointXXXXXXXX                     
CV4A: Sea Shell AXXXXXXXX                     
CV4B: Sea Shell BXXXXXXXX                     
CV5A: Portsmouth AXXXXXXXX                     
CV5B: Portsmouth BXXXXXXXX                     
CV6A: Scotch Bonnet AXXXXXXXX                     
CV6AC: Scotch Bonnet ACXXXXXXXX                     
CV6B: Scotch Bonnet BXXXXXXXX                     
CV6C: Scotch Bonnet CXXXXXXXX                     
CV7A: North Point AXXXXXXXX                     
CV7B: North Point BXXXXXXXX                     
CV8A: Crow's Nest AXXXXXXXX                     
CV8B: Crow's Nest BXXXXXXXX                     
CV9A: Net House AXXXXXXXX                     
CV9B: Net House BXXXXXXXX                     

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The Castle B & B
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